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High-Speed Sorter • Fast Sorters

Tilt Tray Sortation System Overview - Basic System

Here we present the standard features of a GBI "Basic" High-Speed Tilt Tray Sorter

The High-Speed Tilt Tray Sorter will simultaneously sort irregularly shaped products from small, lightweight polybags to larger packages. The tilt tray mechanisms and chutes are adapted at time of manufacture to handle the weight and size product for each given application. All our sorters are built in modules to allow fast and easy expansion with minimum interruption of workflow. The high-speed tilt tray sorter is designed to provide high reliability and require minimal maintenance.

Because of the wide variety of applications and the flexibility of this basic Tilt Tray Sorter, we invite you to call us to discuss your specific requirements. GBI will be happy to assemble a quotation with those parameters.

GBI Sorting

Click on the image below to view
a video of the GBI High-Speed
Tilt Tray Sorter.


Benefits of High-Speed Sorter -  Tilt Tray Sortation System:

  • Automatically and reliably sort individually packaged and barcoded products
  • Simultaneously sort mixed shapes of small boxes and items in polybags
  • Greatly reduce labor costs associated with manual sortation and verification
  • Greatly reduce the time needed to assemble individual product by order or other criteria
  • Expand the sort window
  • Recover more warehouse space

Common Features of High-Speed Sorter -  Tilt Tray Sortation System:

  • Fast Sort Rates of up to 12,000 trays per hour (6,000 standard) — with the split-tray carrier sort rates are doubled up to 24,000 trays per hour
  • High accuracy rates
  • Modular construction
  • Ease of use
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life and reliable operation
  • User friendly Windows software interface
  • Sorts barcoded or non-barcoded products
  • Cross platform integration support
  • Tray mechanisms have only two moving parts
  • Custom stainless steel chute designs
  • Diverted chutes may be added for greater drop density
 High Speed Tilt Tray Sortation System
Click on image for enlarged view

Some of the applications we offer high-speed sortation for include:

There are many " Options " available for the basic Tilt Tray Sorter 

Some of the Industries and Products we build high-speed sorters for include Retailers, Distributors, and Wholesalers related to:  

Automate these Processes:


In this section we show some Sample applications or processes that are greatly improved through automation using GBI's High-Speed Sorters.

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