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Mail Sorter

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Here is a sample "Mail Sorter" installation of GBI's Bulk Mail Center (BMC) Tilt Tray Sortation System. GBI will customize a sortation system to meet your requirements utilizing a Tilt Tray, Cross Belt, Bomb-bay, or Pick-to-Light Sortation Solution. We encourage you to contact GBI - to discuss your specific requirements. 


Bulk Mail Center Sorter Application (BMC)
 Tilt Tray Sorters

> with weigh-in-motion and manifesting



Here we present a Tilt Tray Carrier, Mail Sorter (Package Sorter) specifically designed to handle small packages for a Bulk Mail Center (BMC) Sorter application, with weigh in motion and manifesting system.

All GBI's Tilt Tray Sorters will simultaneously sort irregularly shaped products such as from small lightweight polybags to larger boxes weighing up to 25 lbs.

An offshoot of the Tilt Tray sorter is GBI's Bulk Mail Center (BMC) Package Sorter used as a conveyor sorting system to separate packages by postal code for manifesting. This sorter is built to scan and weigh the induced packages and communicate all pertinent information to our proprietary or third-party manifesting systems.

Our Manifest System is a Windows based tracking system that interfaces to our sorting equipment. It provides automatic pricing by weight and method of shipment with flexible user controls. Manifest documents are created in the same graphic form that the carrier uses. The system handles Federal Express, USPS, third, fourth, and priority mail classes, as well as UPS mail classes. Appropriate rates are applied by zone and weight as recorded from the scale input.

Click on the image below to view a video of the GBI Bulk Mail Center Sorter : with weigh-in-motion and manifest system

GBI Sorting
click on image for enlarged view
BMC - Sorting System 

How one example of a GBI Mail Sorter  (Package Conveyor Sorting Systems) works:

GBI provided a segmented conveyor with flights every 24" (as dictated by this application). The conveyor transports packages that vary in weight from ounces to up to  25 lbs. and vary in dimension from 6" x 5.25" to 18" x 14" at a speed of 2 ft./second.

A GBI singulating mechanism receives the packages with the bar coded label up from two automatic packagers and separates the packages so that only one package per flight is loaded onto the conveyor. The transport conveyor then carries the packages under an omni directional laser bar code reader, where the zip code and package identifier (11 digits) bar code is read.

Packages are then transferred from the loading conveyor to the scale where each package is weighed. The manufacturer's quoted accuracy for the scale used is:

0-1 lb. ± 0.005 lbs.
-6 lbs. ± 0.020 lbs. @ 2 sigma

The scale outputs the weight to the manifesting computer. The weight of the package and the bar code data is combined as a record and stored in the database. The manifest computer checks for exceptions in the file to see if that package needs to be diverted to a different location than would have been designated by the zip code. This option allows  the customer to search for a particular package. On all other packages, the computer looks up the destination determined by the last three digits of the package identifier, and transfers the information to a control processor that activates the tilts.

Packages are sorted into BMC's that measure 40" x 40" and 5 feet high. The manifest computer automatically and intelligently overrides the third or fourth-class classification for a package depending what the actual weight of that package is, i.e. a third class package that weighs greater and 1 lb. will be classified 4th class and visa versa.

The control processor instructs the sorter to tilt the tray at the appropriate drop location and confirms the drop to the manifest computer after the package has been sorted. When a BMC gets to its full count (determined by the operator at set-up or by cube limit), the computer prompts for the BMC ID number and creates a file for all full BMC's.

When the truck arrives at the loading dock, the operator at the loading dock will, via menu, call up the BMC full file to his screen and select from the above list which BMC's will go on the truck. The computer then generates a manifest for those BMC's in the carrier's accepted format. The manifest contains the following information:

  1. Detailed per package weight information
  2. Summary sheet totaling the package information
  3. Statement of mailing sheet.

Several reports are available or may be customized according to customer needs. As with all our sorters, informative messages and reports are available to diagnose irregularities. Internal programming safeguards are in place to protect the integrity of the sort as well as the equipment.

Call us for a video demonstrating this sorter.

Specifications of a GBI Customers .BMC Sorter (Package Sorter) Installation

Type: Straight, in line, over-under layout
Drops per sorter: 24 drops
Drop width: 40" wide dropping into a BMC measuring 40" x 48" x 5' high
Sections: Six 7' sorting sections, with 4 drops per section, (2 drops per side) Expandable in 7' section

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