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GBI offers order fulfillment solutions, Conveyors, Conveyors and Controls, and order fulfillment systems, for Sorter and Sortation methods, utilizing, Tilt Tray Sorters, Cross Belt SortersOrder Picking Systems, Mail Sorters, with High-Speed Sorting, and Order Fulfillment Systems. GBI's Parcel and Package Sorters are designed to sort parcles, and items, and hard to sort small lightweight polybags to larger products weighing up to 100 lbs. GBI's Sortation Solutions also  include GBI include: Sorting ConveyorPick-to-Light, Split-Tray SortersHanging Garment Sorters, Bomb Bay, Carrier-Style Sorters, and Pick-to-Light Systems. GBI Data & Sorting Systems "OEM" material handling equipment offer automated distribution systems for sortation and distribution center automation.   (2009)

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