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GBI Intralogistics Solutions specializes in designing, streamlining, automating, optimizing, managing, and implementing material handling and information flow inside all forms of warehouse and distribution centers. For more than 48 years, we have been serving the global intralogistics market and have developed expertise in creating and delivering innovative, intelligent, efficient, autonomous, cost-effective and complete integrated turnkey solutions. GBI services and supports distribution and order fulfillment centers, basic and multi-channel warehouses, and production kitting operations using several forms of sortation systems.During the last 25 years operating under the name of GBI Data and Sorting Systems, we’ve delivered and installed far more than just sortation systems.

Realizing that our name did not fully reflect who we are and what we do, it was natural for us to rebrand ourselves as GBI Intralogistics Solutions. This evolution of our name also highlights our broad array of products and solution offerings to the many industries in the intralogistics marketplace.

We invite you to contact any one of our application engineers or local integrators who will consider your needs, budgetary requirements and preferences. GBI will analyze and evaluate your data, operation, challenges and goals to arrive at a tailored design and layout to deliver an optimum solution at a price that will generate an attractive return on your investment.

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Staying connected with our prospects, customers and service providers is very important. We have video clips on our YouTube channel demonstrating the “tip of the iceberg” of our capabilities. Find us on LinkedIn. Our employees are easy-to-find and connect with individually or through our company page. Find us also on Facebook. We are constantly posting news items from GBI Intralogistics Solutions as well as general industry advances.

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GBI provides unparalleled technical support 24/7/365 whether by onsite visits or remotely via phone, Internet access or through directed Email or text messaging. Our web-based technical support system, automatically and immediately directs customers to the Service Engineer most suitable in handling the issue at hand. GBI’s support teams and tools allow for rapid and cost effective responses to customer support requests. You can also email our support desk at: support@gbisorters.com

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